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Dr Dre is a popular musical artist. rapper, and former dj. He is worth about 710,000,000.00.  He is a very talented rapper, and musical writer. He is one of the founders of, g rap. Copy and paste the topic Dr Dre in the search engines below for more fast and specific results about him.

Monster Beats by Dr Dre is a good product you should try to have a maximum multimedia experience.One of the most popular and can be considered the best among these innovative product nowadays is Beats by Dr Dre.
It is a popular model of headphones created by the company Monster to give the best and innovative media experience for users.
Over these past few years, Beats conquered the market for headphones beating other competitor products like Pioneer and Sony.
The product greatly blocks the noise from the environment giving a good and clear music sound.A big factor why Beats is very popular is because it is endorsed by the music industry.If you are looking for the best headphones to give a maximum experience, Beats is a good product that you should try.


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