How to get Pet Supplies Plus

How to protect your pet from fleas and ticks

Protecting and taking care of your pets is a big responsibility. You need to have the right information when caring for your animal. Your pet is special to you and you only need the best information for him or her.

How to Protect Against Fleas and Ticks Related Information National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC): 1-800-858-7378 EXIT Consult your veterinarian about the best way to protect your pets from fleas and ticks and whether pesticides are even needed.
Using Flea and Tick Products Safely If you use a flea and tick control product on your pet, carefully read and follow the product label.

Use a flea comb to suppress adult fleas.

Contact your veterinarian or the National Pesticide Information Center EXIT right away for information on whether additional measures are needed to help your pet recover.

It will allow hair to pass through the comb’s teeth but not the fleas, removing fleas and “flea dirt.”

Use flea and tick control products only on the animal specified by the product label — dog products for dogs only and cat products for cats only.

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