How to get Government Jobs

How to get a good paying government job:

There are a lot of good jobs you can get with the government. One common misconception about government jobs is that they are hard to obtain. that is just not true. They are, however, hard to find out about. In fact, the most difficult part about getting a government job is finding out about it. In some cases a government position may go unfilled for weeks or even months because word never gets out that it is available. What really qualifies you to hold a government job is not your job skills or past work experience, but your determination. First, find a position that interest you and, keep trying for it–even if is currently filled by someone else. (You’ll want to be prepared in the event they quit, move, or get promoted.) So, where do you go to find a government job? And if they are so hard to locate, how do you find out about them? Once you find out a job you are interested in, how do you go about applying for it? The answers are so simple that they may surprise you. Once you find a position your are interested in, you’ll need to fill out STANDARD FORM 171., better known in the government as SF-171. This is the standard federal government application form. No matter what other forms you are required to fill out during your application process, you’ll need SF-171, but more on that application later. WHERE TO LOOK People tend to think that the only jobs advertised in the newspaper are for car salesmen and welders, but this is just not the case. in fact, if you look through the want ads in a typical Sunday newspaper, you will find a good number of “white-collar” jobs. Sometimes the government uses the newspaper to advertise position openings, both blue and white collar, but only when they have a special reason for doing so.* However, though some jobs are advertised in the newspaper, most are not. In fact, less than 10 percent of all government jobs are advertised outside the government offices. When the government places a newspaper ad, it is usually for a specialized position. Because of the nature of the position, there may not be enough qualified personnel within the department to fill the job, yet too many potential applicants to go on a search nationwide. In this case, the government will place an ad in the newspaper to bring in as many applicants from the local area as possible. When you apply for a civil service position through a newspaper ad, you can be assured that you will have plenty of competition. Your chances will be much better if you start your government job search at a Federal Job Information Center. To locate a Federal Job Information Center in your area, call information or look in the white Pages of your telephone book under U.S. Government Offices. FEDERAL JOB INFORMATION CENTERS The government operates Federal Job Information Centers (FJIC’s) in nearly every major city in the country. These centers are operated by the Office of Personnel Management and were created to locate people for government employment. In a FJIC you will find announcements of every federal job in your area. In some centers you will also find announcements of jobs with the state, city, and county governments in the area. Often, the centers cooperate with local university and college job placement offices to fill vacant positions. however, if you are looking for a job outside your area, you will need to contact the center in the city ot area your are interested in.

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