Host Gator

Hostgator is company that provides webhosting to people. The company provides reseller, shared, and virtual privater server.

Domain, are defined by their ip addresses, within the online or internet world.  All devices sharing a common part of the ip address, are said to be of the same domain.

Dns stands for domain name system. This is the process, of converting alphabetic names into numeric ip addresses. For example when a web address or url is typed into a computers web browser, the dns servers return that ip address of the webserver associated with that name.

Domain search is  the process of registering a domain name, which identifies one or more ip addresses, with name that is easier to remember, and use in urls to remember webpages. The person or company that registers the domain name is known as the domain name registrant.

Hostgator login is the Hostgators logging in a computer database or system, process. This is a very integral part of the Hostgator company.

Fatcow provides webhosting for small businesses and individuals. This company is very popular among a lot of people.

Free webhosting, refers to webhosting that is free to people or users.

Best webhosting, companies are very important to users. People always want the lowest prices when it comes to webhosting, that they want. The best prices help the  consumer within their budget, so they can use money for their other computer needs,

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