How to quit smoking

Nicotine gum is one of the products used to help people quit smoking.

Ways to quit smoking is very important in the smoking process. Things you can do to help yourself stop smoking are, make a list of things you like about smoking, then make a list of why quiting wont be easy, make a date to quit smoking, write all the reasons for quitting on an index card, as you get ready to stop quitting, stop buying cartons of cigarettes, and keep a list when you smoke for about a week.

Quit smoking timeline, this is a timeline that people set to stop smoking.

Dangers of smoking, can be cancer, asthma, lung disease, and bronchitis.

Nicotine patch, this is a patch worn by people that contains nicotine, and is suppose to help the person from craving tobacco products.

Nicotine withdrawl, this is symptoms that people experience, when attempting to quit smoking. The symptoms can include anxiety, difficulty concentrating, insomnia, and depression.

Smoking withdrawl symptoms, are behaviors of smokers exhibit, such as anger, trouble sleeping, depression, wrestlessness, hunger, and weight gain.

Nrt, this is the abbreviation that stands for nicotine replacement therapy. This treatment involves gradually reducing the amount of nicotine in patches worn, by smokers. This is to help assist the person, from craving tobacco products, gradually.

Benfits of smoking, there are none.

second hand smoking, is smoke from buring tobacco products, such as pipes and cigarettes. It also smoke that has been exhaled out, and can cause cancer.

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