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Magazine advertising consist of a list of print ads that occur in local and national magazines.

Many of the same “print” principles which apply to newspaper advertising also apply to magazine advertising. The biggest differences are: ! Magazines are usually weekly or monthly publications instead of daily. ! Advertising messages are more image-oriented and less price-oriented. ! The quality of the pictures and paper are superior to newsprint. ! Advertisements involve color more often. The general rule that you can run the same ad 3-5 times within a campaign period before its appeal lessens applies to magazine advertising as well, even with a monthly publication. So it makes sense to spend extra time and money to prepare a worthwhile ad that can be successfully repeated. Over long terms such as these, however, be aware that the client (you) often tires of the ad before the audience does. Because ads in magazines are not immediate, they take more planning. Often, an ad for a monthly magazine must be prepared at least a month in advance of publication, so ads detailing prices and items must be carefully crafted to ensure accuracy. Since the quality of the magazines are superior, the advertising that you generate must be superior as well. Negatives are usually required instead of prints or “PMTs” (photo-mechanical transfers). Consider obtaining assistance from a graphic artist or an advertising agency. There are two categories of magazines: trade magazines and consumer magazines. Trade magazines are publications that go to certain types of businesses, services and industries. Consumer magazines are generally the kind you find on the average newsstand. Investigate which type would do your business the most good. An agency can also purchase the magazine space for you, often at no charge, because the magazine pays the agency a commission directly. If you wish to purchase the advertising yourself, contact the magazine directly and ask for an “Ad Kit” or “Media Package.” They will send you a folder that includes demographic information, reach information, a current rate card and a sample of the publication. Although most magazines are national in nature, many have regional advertising sections that allow your business to look like it purchased a national ad when it only went to a certain geographical area. This can be especially useful if your product or service is regional in nature as well and could not benefit from the magazine’s complete readership. Each magazine does this differently, so contact the one(s) you are interested in and ask them about their geographic editions. Some sophisticated magazines even have demographic editions available, which might also be advantageous.

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